Please fill out our custom quote form to receive a quote for custom projects when we open our books later this summer. Our books are currently closed but filling out our form will put you on our waitlist. 

Please fill out our online ordering form HERE to order your custom project. Below are our custom order policies you agree to when placing your order. 

*** Do not ask us to directly copy another Maker's design. That is stealing.Do not ask us to do designs for cheaper than other artisans. You will be blacklisted from ordering with us.***

1. Orders are processed in the order deposits are received. Place early for holidays! 

2. We do not begin orders without a deposit. After we receive your order form, we will reach out to discuss via email. Please keep correspondences via email and not social media as it gets messy on our back end and slows down order.  You will then receive a rendering and payment will be due before we carve. Keep in mind if we do not receive a deposit in a timely manner we move on to other projects.

3. Please be aware that shipping larger items over 1 lb/12 inches can be very costly! We offer curbside in Broad Brook to try to ease the strain of shipping costs. You will be responsible for shipping costs on top of the cost of your item. We use Shippo and can send exact shipping costs per order.

5. We are not responsible for packages lost by USPS. You will be provided a tracking number with your shipped order. Please be patient if you order during a holiday. We cannot control the mail and do not have additional info other than the tracking we send to each customer. 

6. Items are made to order in the order they are received. This means your order could be in a queue behind other orders placed before yours. We ask that you trust our process when shopping with us and be patient. We are not Amazon and will not rush orders as it hurts quality.  You are responsible for placing your order within a reasonable amount of time for when you need it. Please take shipping times into account as well. We are happy to discuss current wait times with customers. They usually range between 2-3 weeks and a month.


7. You are sent a digital exact rendering of your order before we carve anything.

TRIPLE CHECK spelling and placement before you okay your order. 

8. HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Don't be afraid to ask for something out of the box! Those orders usually come out the best! Don't hesitate to email us inspiration photos. We will not directly copy other makers signs but are happy to look at inspo photos for color or font ideas!



Please try to keep Facebook and social media messages between 9-7. We are a family business run out of our home workshop. We involve our 3 year old and 6 year old in our work and spend lots of personal time as a family.  We are not always available to answer messages but try our hardest to respond ASAP!



Mike Erica Jace and Lily Giroux

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